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The Youthful Focus of the Peace Drums Project

The Youthful Focus of the Peace Drums Project

In a world where music transcends boundaries and speaks to all, we focus our efforts on the youth. We understand that the young generations will solve a lot of our issues in the future, and we want to help them by nurturing their potential and giving them the opportunity to connect. It might seem like forming a band with older generations could achieve the same goal, but let us share why our focus remains on the youth.

‘They don’t care’

The foundation of our approach is a simple truth: the seeds of our future are sown in the present. As we engage with the youth through music, we are strengthening the mindset they already have. Which for most of the youth is: We don't care about our differences, we just want to have fun!

‘We are strengthening the mindset they already have.’

Children possess an innate ability to look beyond the surface, beyond labels and divisions, and just play. It's this simple yet profound quality that makes them extraordinary ambassadors of unity. By allowing the youth to connect and have fun through music and the steel drum, we hope this mindset will only be strengthened. Their ideas, their dreams, and their outlook on life and each other will shape our future, and by focusing on them, we are investing in the collective destiny we all share.

A Bridge of Connection

When we gather young minds to create music, an unexpected ripple effect takes place. By engaging the youth, we naturally extend our reach to the older generations.

‘By engaging the youth, we naturally extend our reach to the older generations’

It's as if the melodies and beats, crafted by youthful hands, resonate across the age spectrum, bridging gaps that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. The shared enthusiasm, and harmonious melodies of the steel drums, all become a common language spoken by all, regardless of age. The youth attracts a public from all age ranges, while the older generations mostly attract the same generations.

They deserve to have fun!

Another reason we focus on the youth is because of the very simple idea that we believe they deserve to have fun! The children we work with all come from Israel/Palestine, and unfortunately, living here can often come with a degree of difficulty. We want to provide a space where the youth can come together and fully emerge themselves in a world of music and unity. We focus on the youth because we believe it is important to create spaces that allow the youth to be youth. While playing in a band together and having fun, they can temporarily be blissfully unaware of our adult world problems, even if it is just during band rehearsal.

Playing to Solve Tomorrow's Issues

Our belief is grounded in the power of connection. Children aren't burdened by the prejudices and biases that are often created and learned over time. They form bonds based on shared interests and genuine joy. When they make music together, they're not just striking chords; they're striking at the heart of divisions that plague our world. We are convinced that by nurturing these connections now, we are laying the groundwork for a more harmonious future. Their music becomes a tangible representation of unity, carrying a message that resonates far beyond the notes themselves.

‘They form bonds based on shared interests and genuine joy’

As the Peace Drums Project beats its rhythm of unity, it does so with the youth at its core. Through the power of music, we're not just creating harmonious melodies; we're cultivating harmonious societies. The youth, untouched by the barriers of the past, are key players in our mission. Our choice to engage with them isn't just about the present; it's about nurturing their playful and undivided hearts that will impact the generations before and after them. So, let's come together, let's play music, and let the youth do their thing!

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