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Do you want to enable connections between children from various cultures? Through music and togetherness? Bring Peace Drums Project to your school, community center, or company!

Becoming a partner of Peace Drums Project

At Peace Drums Project we collaborate with various places to set up the steel drum classes or have their children join one of our already existing steel drums bands.

Will we set up a new steel drum practice room in your school?

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    What a steeldrum
    class looks like

    • The classes can be taught in Hebrew, Arabic, and English. 
    • Classes are done weekly for 1,5-2 hours.
    • The child doesn't need any prior musical experience.
    • Classes include 10-15 Children.
    • Children are divided into age groups, to enable teaching applicable to their specific age.
    • During class, we practice our repertoire for a performance every 2-3 months.
    • Every month all children from different schools come together to play music together.

    Our mission:
    Bringing ALL children together

    We believe that by simply giving the opportunity to children to connect, we can solve a lot of future issues. We know children don’t care about their differences. They just want to play. So let’s play music!

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    Concert Rodeph Shalom

    We did several concerts in the Philadelphia and none in a more beautiful setting than Congregation Rodeph Shalom. The students were thrilled to perform in front of 400 people.

    Our beloved steel drum

    Welcome to the wonderful world of the steel drum, the pitch-perfect percussion instrument we adore at Peace Drums Project! We celebrate the steel drum’s rich history and cultural significance. We recognize its power to bring people together and create a sense of community through music.