At Peace Drums Project we have the mission to create a bridge to leverage conflict through music.

Peace Drums Projects facilitates classes and performances for young children with steel drums to have positive experiences and build community, regardless of religious, cultural, and social differences.


We believe that by simply giving the opportunity to children to connect, we can solve a lot of future issues. We know children don’t care about their differences. They just want to play. So let’s play music!

Once a month we have a shared rehearsal for all children to play the instruments together and get to know each other better. A moment to create a connection through music.

The children are coming from both Jewish and Arabic schools.

the Founder

Harvey Price founded Peace Drums Project in 2012.

He feels incredibly inspired by the young generation, who are doing things the older generations think can’t be done.
He believes that when young people connect and take charge, a lot can change.
He is a proud grandfather and still as passionate to bring music to children as in his earlier days.

Peace Drums project is an organzation that was founded in 2012 when various clergy came together and decided to do a project that invested in Peace, rather than divest it from one another.

Our Middle-east steel drum bands were born. We wanted to use an instrument that was not part of any of the cultures in the Middle East, so we started playing with the steel drum of Trinidad and Tobago.

This instrument itself was born out of conflict, which makes it the symbol for this specific project.

Peace Drums