German friends visiting in Ibillin, April 2023 - Peace Drums Project

German friends visiting in Ibillin, April 2023

The students of the Peace Drums Project embarked on their international trip to Herne, Germany, marking the second part of the student exchange. It's our favorite time of the year, and for some of the children, it was their first time visiting a place outside of their country. In Herne, we participated in the larger youth music festival called Crossing Borders, featuring Israeli, German, and Polish music students.

Our dear musical friends from Herne, Germany, paid us a visit with 100 students in Haifa, Israel, this spring. We gathered in the enchanting Mar Elias church, a venue renowned for its acoustics and history. Here, the children of the Peace Drums Project played wonderful harmonies on the steel drums, while our talented friends sang in their choir for us, creating a melodious fusion that conveyed a powerful message of togetherness. This program began before COVID and continues as a yearly event.

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