Vienna trip for Ukrainian refugee children, 2022 - Peace Drums Project

Vienna trip for Ukrainian refugee children, 2022

In November of 2017, Peace Drums was invited by the Lutheran Church of Vienna to come and perform in a concert celebration the 500th Anniversary of that denomination.

From July 11th to the 16th of 2022, the Peace Drums Project teamed up with the J.S. Bach Music Academy, Rhythm Street led by Marwan Abado and the refugee resettlement organization Ariadne, to host a group of 50 children in Vienna, Austria. The children were primarily Ukrainian refugees with other nationalities mixed in. From 10am to 4pm everyday we conducted steel drum classes, singing, and rhythm exercises to bring a sense of normalcy to these young people who just a few weeks earlier were forced from their homes due to war. In addition to master musician Marwan Abado, we had help from our Israeli/Palestinian teachers, Reem Handal and Safi Daeem, J.S. Bach Music Academy teachers, Laura Bradley and Raymond Walker, and Peace Drums Project coordinators, Linda Henderson and Harvey Price. As you can see by the faces of the children, a good time was had by all.

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